TUGE Energia OÜ
TUGE Energia delivers small wind turbines in the range of 2-50 kW.

TUGE10 is a 10 kW small wind turbine with 18 or 22 m hydraulic tilt-up tower, 10.2 m rotor diameter and SWT Class 1 design. It has 5 independent braking systems and maintenance is every 2 years. AEP @ 5 m/s is 27 931 kWh.

TUGE2 is a 2 kW small wind turbine based on the famous Piggott design. It has a generator with ferrite magnets, furl control and 4 m rotor diameter. AEP @ 5 m/s is around 1 400 kWh.

TUGE50 is a 50 kW small wind turbine on a 36 m tower. It is a 2 generator design with 16 m rotor diameter, no hudraulic drives and maintenance cycle of 5 years.
Estonia, Japan