TUGE Energia OÜ
TUGE 20 is a 20 kW wind turbine which is a flagship of our product range. With 18 or 22 m hydraulically tilted tower and 10 m rotor diameter, it boasts 19 625 kWh @ 5 m/s per annum with ROI as low as 5-7 years depending on FiT and electricity price.

TUGE 10 is a smaller, 10 kW wind turbine. With 18 and 22 m hydraulically tilted tower options and 7 m rotor diameter, it falls perfectly into micro generating plant category according to EN 50438. Its annual energy output is 14 001 kWh @ 5 m/s.

TUGE 2.5 is a wind turbine that we have in development and it is based on Hugh Piggotts design. A DIY solution that is made in a factory according to highest quality standards is a best of two worlds (commercial and self-made), which should be available in summer 2017.

TUGE 50 is an innovative step towards higher nominal power, which is in the prototyping stage right now and should be out and certified in the beginning of 2018.