United States

Bergey Windpower
Thirty years ago Bergey pioneered the radically-simple “Bergey design” that has proven to provide the best reliability, performance, service life, and value of all of the hundreds of competitive products that have come and gone in that time. With only three moving parts and no scheduled maintenance necessary, the Bergey 10 kW has compiled a service record that no other wind turbine can match. We back it up with the longest warranty in the industry.
In more than 100 countries. Please visit the manufacturer’s website for more information
Chava Wind
CHAVA has the solution. Our 25KW Small Wind VAWT leverages our unique seamless carbon fiber process that delivers a durable and light-weight solution that maximizes our wind-sweeping capabilities to capture air currents, no matter what direction they come from, and converts them into usable energy.
USA, Germany
Windspire Energy
Affordable, attractive, and ultra quiet, Windspire® wind turbines give you the power to create clean energy from the natural wind just outside your door. At only 30 feet tall and four feet wide Windspire wind turbines are appropriate for urban, suburban and rural environments. Elegantly engineered, scalable and made in America, Windspires come as a complete system.
USA, Australia, Canada, Central America, Denmark, France, Mexico