WWEA invites you cordially to become a member of our worldwide wind community!

Membership Approval:

Applications for individual membership are approved by the Secretary General and hence usually take only few days. All other applications (ordinary, scientific and corporate) are sent to the WWEA Board for approval and usually take around two weeks.
Approved members receive a Welcome Letter containing WWEA membership information, WWEA membership number, and access to the WWEA communications platform.

Fee Payment:

Several weeks after the welcome email, an electronic invoice with the corresponding membership fee is sent. The payment can be done via a regular bank transfer or via Paypal. Payment details are provided in the invoice.

The fee, which is calculated on the basis of your financial status, is valid for one calendar year. If you/your organization submit(s) your membership application in the second half of the year, a reduced fee for this year may be agreed.

If you pay your membership fee before 31 January, you may benefit from a discount of 5 %.


At the beginning of next calendar year, WWEA sends a receipt to every member who paid its fee. This means that all receipts for 2013 will be sent at the beginning of 2014. Should you need your receipt earlier, please contact the WWEA Head Office Team.

Termination of Membership:

Any member can terminate their membership by giving six months notice, from 1 June, of this intention. Notice of intention to withdraw from membership shall be made in writing, by recorded delivery, to the Secretary General.

Please note that your membership is not automatically cancelled.