Small Wind Around the Globe

As of the end of 2014, a cumulative total of at least 945’000 small wind turbines were installed all over the world. This is an increase of 8,3% (7,4% in 2013) compared with the previous year, when 872’000 units were registered.


The recorded small wind capacity installed worldwide has reached more than 830 MW as of the end of 2014. This represents a growth of 10,9% compared with 2013, when 749MW were registered.

Globally, an increase in the average size of small wind turbines can be observed: In 2010, the average installed size was 0,66kW, in 2011 0,77kW, in 2012 0,84kW, in 2013 0,85kW, and in 2014 it has already reached 0,87kW.

For more information, take a look into the latest Small Wind Report Summary 2016:

Download as PDF here.


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